Dylan Dreyer shares funny family video for husband’s birthday: It’s ‘a real kick in the nuts!’

Dylan Dreyer is celebrating husband Brian Fichera’s 36th birthday with a lot of love and a big laugh.

Dylan, 41, celebrated Fichera’s birthday on Thursday, Dec. 1, by sharing some family moments, including a picture with their three kids, Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and Russell, 1.

“Entering your late mid-30s is a real kick in the nuts!” Dylan wrote in the caption. “Happy Birthday @fishlense!!! I love celebrating you on your birthday and every day because there is literally no one better than you. I think our pure happiness says enough about the joy you bring to us all. I love you!!”

Alongside her heartfelt caption were two pictures and one funny video.

The clip shows Fichera taking a walk in the woods while carrying Russell in a baby carrier. Everything seemed to be going great for the pair until Russell accidentally kicked his father in his crotch, causing Fichera to sigh in pain.

Dylan also shared a sweet photo of just the two of them dining out, and another picture of the whole family posing in front of a gorgeous view.

With three boys at home, Dylan told in November that she knows they are done having kids.

The couple share three kids, Calvin (center), Oliver, (left) and Russell.The couple share three kids, Calvin (center), Oliver, (left) and Russell.@dylandreyernbc via Instagram

“It’s like, hell no, we are so done,” the TODAY meteorologist said.

She shared that having three kids “feels right” for them, especially since they both grew up with two other siblings.

“Four just seems crazy to me,” Dylan said, noting that the three boys share a room.

In another interview, Dylan said that while Brian is the “jokester,” he’s also more of the disciplinarian in the family.

“It’s one of those things where if the boys aren’t behaving, I’m like, ‘Do you want me to call Daddy?’ And they’re like, ‘Please don’t call Daddy,” she said.

Once Fichera gets involved, he makes it his business to get his kids to open up.

“He’ll go into their room and have a whole conversation,” Dylan said. “It’s kind of just the way we raise our kids. We do a lot of talking to them as if they’re older than they actually are.”


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