TPLF Using Properties of UN, Humanitarian Aid Institutions for War Efforts: Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check

Addis Ababa September 30/2022 (ENA) Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check disclosed that TPLF has been using properties under the United Nations and other humanitarian aid institutions for transportation and storage of weapons caches.

Since the resumption of active hostilities by the TPLF rebels this August, the Government of Ethiopia has been taking preventive measures to degrade the rebel group’s capabilities from launching further attacks, Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check said.  

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It stressed that the National Defense Force has been carrying out its mission with great care to avoid collateral damage with precision strikes on rebel military assets.

The TPLF group has, on the other hand, continued to terrorize the local populace by hiding its arms and leaders on the run within health facilities, schools, places of worship, residential areas and other social service facilities with the express intent of creating outrage from a possible civilian attack.

The Ethiopian Air Force has for instance recently taken action targeting the locations of military equipment and arsenals of the TPLF in Adi Daero, Tigray region.

And as expected, Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check revealed that pre-drafted fallacious claims have been released by TPLF supporters that civilians have been targeted in this operation.

Nonetheless, the National Defense Force ensures that military assets are isolated from civilians before taking action.

The Fact Check also noted that the TPLF has internationalized the conflict by chartering aircraft and weapons from Ethiopia’s historical enemies, as was evident from the plane that was shot down ferrying weapons to TPLF held areas.

The airspace of Ethiopia has been under the strict surveillance and control of the Ethiopian Air Force since that particular incident.


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