SGS and Webhelp Create WellComo to Support Content Moderators

SGS has partnered with Webhelp, a leading customer experience and service provider, to create WellComo, a scheme to improve content moderator health and wellbeing.

The need for trusted content moderation professionals

The growing use of social media and other digital platforms, such as marketplaces, dating and gaming apps, has accelerated the need for trusted content moderation professionals.

While fostering safe and secure digital environments can be challenging, businesses must gain the trust of users and business partners.

What is Wellbeing in Content Moderation (WellComo)?

The WellComo label assesses the strength and maturity of practices that businesses use to protect frontline staff health. It was developed and piloted by SGS, in partnership with Webhelp, a leading customer experience and service provider.

Olivier Audebert, Technical and Development Director at SGS, said: “We are proud to have built WellComo, which standardizes an activity that is becoming more and more important in society. We believe that content moderator wellbeing is a key factor, not only in terms of respect for human rights, but also in terms of productivity and quality of service. WellComo has greatly supported Webhelp on its wellbeing mission and together we remain committed to ensuring that more companies and their staff can benefit.”

Sharing experience and operations

Webhelp shared its considerable experience in the field and offered several operational sites for pilot audits.

Paul Danter, Co-CEO, Digital Content Services at Webhelp, added: “Jointly developing this trust and safety label with SGS is a huge step for Webhelp. More importantly, we hope it will inspire companies to pursue higher standards and wellbeing practices for their content moderation teams, as they play a vital role in keeping the internet safe.”

Meticulous scoring

WellComo showcases the vital role employers must play in protecting content moderators. It assesses working methods and best practices, including specific processes, workplace conditions, wellbeing programs and wellness technology.

SGS’s meticulous scoring methodology includes assessing 37 requirements that are scored after site visits, employee interviews and process reviews. After a site audit, SGS awards a label, which can range from Committed all the way to Diamond.

Webhelp is rolling out this performance approbation label across all of its trust and safety sites to ensure quality standards for its people. Its key sites in India, Jordan, Latvia and the UK were audited, and all proudly received Diamond level.

For more information on our Certification portfolio, visit Assessment, Auditing and Certification.

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