United States Leads in Space with Diplomacy

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Today the Department of State is releasing our first-ever Strategic Framework for Space Diplomacy, a groundbreaking initiative to advance U.S. global space leadership. Through this Framework, we will expand international cooperation on mutually beneficial space activities, including through the Artemis Accords, and commitments against destructive anti-satellite missile tests. We will encourage responsible behavior, strengthen understanding and support for U.S. national space policies, and promote international use of U.S. space capabilities.

The Department currently leads in building international partnerships for current U.S. space undertakings – including the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s Artemis missions, and the Department of Commerce’s Space Traffic Coordination System. The Strategic Framework provides a critical foundation for our work, grounded in U.S. strategic objectives and values. We are committed to expanding space benefits for all humankind by engaging allies and partners who share our democratic values of openness, transparency, adaptability, and the free flow of ideas and information.

As near-earth space gets more crowded, the Framework will help maintain the rules-based international order and foster cooperation for long-term sustainability, commercialization, exploration, and space utilization. We will work with our interagency partners to ensure U.S. leadership in this new collaborative space era.


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